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 During an AIM conversation with this almost plant killer friend of mine, I discovered his cruelty and have decided to grant said shrubbery justice and begin rebuilding my weakened writing skills with a story about him.

"Plants don't often talk back, but you can tell they have feelings when you murder them," the almost plant killer said calmly while sipping some freshly squeezed lemonade and gazing upon the moon which he's sure was made for him. This man nearly killed two innocent viney house plants, we call them viny for we no not the speciese of plant, because many years ago they evolved into a strong breed of nearly indestructible house plants, determined not to fall pray to man's negligence which commonly leads to dehydration which if neglected further turns into plant fatality. Out of all the plants the kind kept indoors are the ones that have the greatest need to rely on man to carry on their legacies, so they can not revolt, and are stuck as prisoners inside man's home. The only thing they can do is quietly grow stronger and bigger and take up more and more square footage in the house or on the walls, in hopes that some day man will remember they are alive and need sunlight and water.

Now this almost plant killer man, we'll call him Andrew for short, likes the color blue and laughs at his own jokes. These are two things most people would not consider bad things, but can be devastating for plants.
1. The color blue strikes fear into the hearts of most indoor plants, blue is the color of the sky, of freedom, if they get put outside their chances of being forgotten double, and as nice as freedom would be, they can not know freedom, since they can't take care of themselves like outside plants do, no matter how strong or indestructible they are for the inside world, freedom frightens them to pieces, with the fear of being forgotten and having to fend for themselves they are quickly stripped away from their strength.
2. Laughing at one's own jokes can also prove fatal for plants because you never know when the person might think up something funny, and become distracted from whatever chore or duty they were about to preform. Once again adding to their chances of being forgotten and over looked.

These plants were given to Andrew by his mother, and he lives in the desert. He'd like to say forgetting to water said plants is a way to acclimate them to the brutal conditions of the desert, but even we know that's not excuse enough. Now I'm sure you'd like to know how they were almost killed, and I'd like to give you a daring story about how a thousand cats scratched in their pot soil and flicked it here and there, exposing the plant's precious roots. Or I'd like to give you a story where they were left out in the harsh sun from noon till sunset, and how they met a cactus friend before they almost expired. Or how one of Andrew's children accidentally knocked them from their regal perch and dashed their home into bits. But I can't, telling you any of those things would be a lie, they simply got dehydrated, too dehydrated. They faced many fears and terrors while going through the dry season, but Andrew remembered their existence and spared their lives by bringing them back with water.

Though they long to move to a different environment, a different place, where they need not thirst as much for water and shade, for now they are stuck with Andrew, in Tucson Arizona.


So I'm at the point where Physics is more annoying than interesting to study, So in order to procrastinate efficiently I figured it was blogging time.
I'm not exactly sure /what/ to blog about though, I guess we'll just end up seeing post turns into. I'd much rather be listening to music or practicing an instrument than just sitting in front of my computer hearing about and jotting down notes about a ton of brainy facts that I'm never really going to be able to apply. Not that the subject isn't interesting, it Is, but the way this coarse is going,  how things are being presented, Physics itself is an amazing area of study. I'm just really A.D.D right now, hehe. American Idol will be on tonight! I'm rooting for Casey James and Crystal Bowersox. I wish Lacey, Lilly  and Alex hadn't been voted off though, to me they were ton's better than Tim (who's only in it for his looks), Katie and Aaron. Maybe Idol gave those guys enough exposure to gain a successful career though, that would be awesome.
Yeah, this might not be very interesting, but you have to start somewhere, and dear reader if you've read this far then thanks, but don't fee like you're required to read through the whole thing, if you get bored with it please let me know so I can fix it.

I get my bike tomorrow! That will be awesome. I'm thinking at some point I might try to bike to some place like San Diego (Beeeaaaaccchhhh!), Google says it's 1 day and 18 hours from where I live now, So once I'm well traveled on the bike that could be a really fun trip to make. We're talking about like at least 8 months from now, by then I should have a car though, so we'll see.

San Diego seems to be where everyone, at least everyone I know here in AZ, goes when they vacation to Cali, It's always there or LA,  oddly enough.

I'd have to start trips out by going to Phoenix first though, which according to Google (don't you like how I didn't say "google says" again? I know, it's nice when the same phrase isn't used twice in anything written, especially when it can be said two different ways, I obsess over that, and Songs that use a word twice when it's not in the chorus.) is a mere 10 hours.

I dunno, that's what's on my mind now.

Concerts are Inspiring.

Yesterday I was treated to The AP tour with NeverShoutNever, The Cab, Hey Monday, Every Avenue and the Summer Set. It really had an impact on me, Thanks So much Sadie <3
It was awesome, Wonka gave out OODLES of free candy, all your little heart desired and Rockstar Energy Drinks were given out for free too. I, being the adventurous person I am, decided "What the heck, they're free, get two, then get really started up, energy filled with a sugarrush" sounds like fun, right? (well to me it did, at the time) no, it was a bad idea, I got sick and my system went nuts with all the energy drink, messing with my pulse and a whole lotta other crap hahahhehaheuahr;odfjk; Never again will I attempt to do that, It didn't even give me energy, Rockstar I am disappointed.

But anywhooooo The concert part was amazing amazing amazing, I can't say enough good things about it. I've been going through a depressing stagnant lul lately, like so many people seem to be :( It must be written in the stars or something, and everyone out there who's going through shit, remember that I'm here for you no matter what, even if I don't know you that well, if you need someone to talk to or a *virtual* shoulder to cry on, I'm here with open arms for you, in all seriousness, by all means. I know a lot of people say those kindsa things and don't keep their word, they just put it out there to make themselves look good and feel good, there are too many hypocritical actions in today's world. When I say it I mean it, they aren't empty words, words mean things. I'd say it even if it turned the tables and made me look like something terrible in society's eyes.

There were two songs that moved me from the concert for me Vegas Skies by The Cab (lord those guys are amazing) and The Past by NevershoutNever.

The concert basically just reminded me how much I want my life to be around heal/effect people in a positive way, and how simple music can do that, it got me back on my feet again. So guys, if you're reading this thanks for coming, ever so much.

There's just so much pain,everywhere in our nation That's why I want to work with stories, with film  or music, with whatever  lets people escape to their imaginations, and heal from their pains, in any little way. I want to be able to effect people and make at least one person's day, if even for a minute, not-so-bad, to bring a speck of relief to anyone's mind.

The lead singer of The Cab, Alex Deleon has a really inspiring and encouraging blog, I drift by every so often, and always walk away with something life changing. ->

So back to ukulele and piano practice I go.

Spread the Love <3

Where to Begin...

Goodness... I knew this would happen, I can't remember when the last time I posted an entry was, shame on me. So I'm getting back into the swing of things and will be posting on here and at like my life depended on it.

I saw Julie and Julia the other day, fantastic movie, can't say enough good things about it. I could totally identify with Julie's tendency to never finish things she starts, that's got me written all over it. She also brought up the questions "What is worth while to blog about" and "What will people (if anyone) read?" Now that's a toughy. Conquering Julia Child's' cookbook would be a fun thing to do, but it's already been done, and I'm sure a ton of other Bloggers are out there copy it, making it no longer an interesting topic. Now I have a friend who tried to watch -I think it was- like a thousand movies in a year, wasn't it something like that Matt? It turned out not to work very well, especially for a college student. That still sounds like a blast, If I started something like that there's no way I'd finish It, but it would be fun, and there would be many a movie review that would come from it, So maybe I should modify the set number and try it. Other Bloggers mainly focus on their journey in life, "Eating the elephant one bite at a time" so to speak, now if you could write about it in enough of an interesting and entertaining way I suppose there would be an audience for that, but who really want's to read all about a person, like a journal, besides stalkers? I'm not condoning you good people who do, I just think it's a bit odd, but maybe I'm bonkers. I'm one of those people who rarely find blogs interesting, If someone I know and care about has a blog and asks me to check it out then I run right over to see it, but then usually forget to come back and check it. Naughty.

I'd rather write about something on a daily basis that people found to be worth while, like conquering Julia Child's cookbook, than my life. Here's an excerpt of what my posts would look like if I blogged on a continual basis:

"...Today I ate some string cheese, it was tasty. How I would love to kick whoever made "tasty" a complement, it's NOT a compliment, it just states that whatever was consumed tasted like something as apposed to air. Just went to class and did some homework today, that's about it..."

Just add a lot more blabbing in there, something way over the limit, and you'd have yourself a useless blog. blehhehnehhehehh this'll take some thinking.

Oh, and I'll be 19 tomorrow.

Until next time reader(s?)

Conversation in an Italian Restaurant

I was at an Italian Restaurant, a local establishment called "Sauce" with my family last Friday. During one of the conversations we had my Mom asked one of my sisters if she liked Adam Lambert or Elijah Wood more. This lead to a lot of teasing and talking on the subject, with the subject of "Celebrity Men" on hand I went to refill my tea cup with hot water, when I came back my sister who had been asked the Adam vs. Elijah question had my cream in hand, was giggling, and said "LOOK IT'S CHRISTIAN BALE" half-hoping I wouldn't notice that she was about to down my cream (it was in one of those cute mini-pitchers full, and  she was kidding, I think.) It was too Bad for her because I had seen what she was trying to do, so I went with it and then turned around to where she had been pointing saying "WHERE?! I want to give him some cream!" I thought it was particularly funny and have had a lot of giggles over it, it might be future comic strip worthy... Or it could be one of those things that just aren't too funny to the rest of the world that I will laugh for days over, I'm easily entertained, Anyway I just thought I'd share the story with you lovely peoples of the internet!
Happy Tuesday!

Tommy, the end of a 4th Generation Ipod

Warning, This Blog was written in a goofy manner, please read in that way and don't take anything I say here seriously.

My Ipod, Which I fondly named "Tommy" died today :( I have a tendency to name inanimate object, for instance my Laptop is "Percy Leslie Romulus Wolvric Dumbledore" with the help of my best friend, Courtney (*waves* Hi Courtney :D) My phone however has no name, poor little thing, not yet at least. So anyway, back to Tommy, for the past 2 years Tommy was a dear companion of mine, I took him almost everywhere, he was the best work out buddy ever. He was there the first time I blasted my ears out with prettyfull music, and when I needed compassionate tunes.
I loved him, he loved me, it was a fool proof relationship, but he slipped away all too soon.

Today I was wearing my yoga pants (which have no pockets you see) and surprise surprise it was "clean the pool" day for me. SO I just held him in my hand as I listened to music, The weird thing is I can't remember what I was listening to before he went, it all happened so fast, so I was scrubbing away the debris off off the sides of the pool when I decided to bend down and pick up the little floaty thing we have that houses chlorine tablets to check it's supply- BAD IDEA. As I bent down I didn't have a good enough hold on little Tommy and before I knew it he had slipped free of my grasp and dove in... At first I didn't know what to do, then, coming to my senses I tossed my ear buds to a safe place and dove in to save him, thankfully he wasn't in the deep end, which I had hoped would make a difference, but alas as he came back to the air I read an error message that said "This Device..." something-or-another, It disappeared before I had a chance to read it all. In faint hope I ran inside and rested the poor soul in a bed of rice and put him in the oven on the lowest setting, this was the intensive care unit for him. I waited, and hoped that he would make it, but he didn't pull through and slipped into the cold embrace of "death".

I've gotten many comforting messages today, one friend of mine, Ivan, helped me to remember where Tommy is now, in ipod heaven, and that helped quite a lot.

R.I.P Tommy, You will be missed.

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?
The Most-played song in my music library is "Sway Your Head" by We Shot The Moon, and it's been played 41 times . They're the best band I've ever ever heard of, and the song is like a shot of espresso for me, seriously, it's that much of an energy booster. They have another song much like this one alone the side of Spirit uplifter called "The Bright Side" Did I mention that I love these guys? All of their music on their CD (Fear and Love) is really emotionally sentimental and has connected with me more than any other band's music ever has, and I've listened to, and like, a ton of bands. Another amazingly cool thing is how they actually talk to and show that they appreciate the fans, you can speak with them on AIM frequently (wstmband is their screen name) they're absolutely fabulous. I found out about them, believe it or not, through twitter, they followed me, so I figured I'd return the favor and check out their music, that was one of the best days of my life :) (I actually have an account on here called "WSTMFan" but i thought it didn't sound creative enough... it's still mine though *big grin*)

The music they play goes along the category of Elton John (I've noticed that a lot of their songs sound like his. Jonathan Jones is a genius.) The Fray, Coldplay, and another big band who's name I can't remember, but I'll add it in here next time I remember. They have a really smooth, mellow, and sentimental sound and they just sound prefect together, everyone playing seems to be on the same stream of thought, that's the best way to describe it, compared to the bands who sound and play together nicely, but don't really connect, if you get my meaning. And I LOVE the piano/keyboard parts in their songs. (Forgive me, for not using the technical terms, I'm naive when it comes to music, Sadly I've never played an instrument in my life. That's on my list of things to do before I die though. YAY for bucket lists)

I encourage you to go and listen to their tunes :D they have a new CD coming out this month called "A Silver Lining" that I'm totally psyched out for, I'd be shocked if you were disappointed.
Jonathan Jones' solo work is very very very good too, I'm running around trying to buy the CD he released earlier this year (my birthday month, wish i had known about it then!) it's not easy to get. "Welcome Home" and "Passengers" are my two favorites from there.

That's a link to their website where you can safely download 6 of their songs, including the two I mentioned above "The Bright Side" and "Sway Your Head" "A Simple Prayer" is splendid as well.

And Ta-Da I blogged :D YAY

Kraft, Where's the love?

Dear Owner(s?) of Kraft Foods Inc.,
I was peacefully surfing the internet, going on my merry way today, checking the daily news yahoo had to offer today, and feeling splendidly joyous, when I came upon the mammoth of all internet surfing waves, the Big Kahuna, an article on their front page titled "What's in a new Logo" written by Blake Ellis and Josh Glasser.  I was naively drawn to what looked like an information laden article, full of more interesting facts I could store in my geeky brain. Embracing my inner child I scrolled down the list to see the pictures of before and after company logos first. At the top of the list was Apple, which I will say was an innovative and ingenious switch, I loved the simplicity. Then came the BP (British Petroleum) logo switch, which looked pretty righteous. My excitement levels increased as I scrolled down to view IBM, which really was a change for the better.

Just  then I stopped dead in my cursor's scrolling tracks, right before my very eyes was the dearly beloved "Kraft" Logo of my childhood. I briefly floated off into a day dream, remembering the logo on commercials where a happy kid sat munching down his lunch after singing about the blue box blues, then my focus went to the goofy dinosaur of recent years, who was crazy and entertaining, then I recalled my own mac-and-cheese meals, and all the joy they brought. I was then forced to snap back into reality, out of curiosity for the new, and what would be "improved" logo might look like.

Kraft's new logo from Blake Ellis and Josh Glasser's article
(I can't bear to look
Now I hate to say this, but this sudden shock screwed all of Blake and Josh's material up for me, and I deeply apologize for this fellas, I originally did have the intentions to read your whole article, but now I've devoted my time to writing this, I'm sure you'll understand (Kraft Kraft Kraft, the unhappy surprise you gave me is cheating two excellent article writers out of a full article read, I hope you're happy) "This can't be!" I thought to myself, "How could anyone change this?" I questioned with anxiety and looked down to behold the new logo that would be printed on Kraft foods throughout the globe, that probably already has spread to kitchen cupboards everywhere. The new logo looks, as my friend Courtney (youtube_bgd) put it as we discussed over MSN what we believe to be treachery on our poor Kraft-fan, mac-and-cheese-loving brains.
"It's like if McDonald's changed their logo! b/c their the biggest known consumer whatever in the world!...It looks too futuristic; it's lost its' classy feel :( When I think of Kraft I think of mac & cheese, but now it's just like all the other companies, you know?" she said.

I then began reading the explanation for the change "The association with fattening products like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese -" now hold it right there, "Picture freeze" as my favorite San Franciscan detective, Adrian Monk would say. Why does this sound like a bad thing, if that's what you're mostly famous for, be proud of it! Think of all the chubby children's bellies you're filling! And the parents who don't give a smooth fart what their kids eat as long as they're happy! Now, I'm not saying my parents were like this, or that all parents are like this, but come now, pretty much any guardian, or person for that matter, fixing up food for a child that comes out of a box, where the cheese sauce is powdered, and the instructions have you add the dairy products to make it as you like to put it "the cheesiest" (my mouth is watering right now)- has got to have some little idea that it MIGHT be fattening, seeing as it is NOT from scratch, but instead is made with ingredients unknown, and/or unpronounceable to them, tell me, please, how this product could possibly be 100% healthy! And don't go throwing any "high in calcium" excuses my way gentlemen!

With that, if you'll be so kind, please let me point to your other products, which I'm sure are healthy, the thought of Mac and Cheese's reputation of being a fattening product must blacken their name. If I were writing a screen play this part would read something like this:

Opening credits role.

NARRATOR: "Good Evening and welcome to another exciting episode of food evaluation theater, tonight we have a treat for you, for we are doing a segment on the Food company we all know and love, Kraft. Please Enjoy our sample of fine dining experience, continuing on the subject previously noted in this blog."

The camera zooms in to a stage, where the Red curtains lift and an array of Kraft foods appear, a light shines in order to direct the audience's gaze to a product known as "Velveeta"
NARRATOR: "Ah yes this one, Kraft has marketed this one well, I remember the commercial you had with a classic American grandma microwaving a Mexican cheese dip made with this good ol' stuff,"

He lets out an audible sigh.

NARRATOR: " And then  the family danced to Mexican music out of a happiness that came from the heart because she was cooking it for them, and also because they would be able to enjoy it soon!"

A Clip showing the commercial Plays (Side note: now dear reader I encourage you to look for this on youtube, it is a very good commercial, I've always found it enjoyable)

A record-being-forced-to-stop sound is heard as he continues.

NARRATOR:" But let's completely forget about it's, what I'm sure is healthy, unrefrigerated shelf life of nine months, long enough for a baby to be formed and born. What is it supposed to be, An MRE military survival food? (for those of you unfamiliar with military terms, that stands for "Meal Ready to Eat"), Which I'm told can give one constipation issues,  What exactly do you plan on your customer's doing with this food other than consuming and "enjoying" it within a 9 month time frame? Don't even get me started on how 'healthy' micro-waving dairy products can be!" 

The light now glides to the right over various other Kraft products, ranging from salad dressings to refrigerated cheeses, Handi-Snacks, and stops on a can of "Easy Cheese"

NARRATOR: "Woah, Wait! Hold up there! Easy Cheese! Now that's the stuff! Who in this whole wide world does not love this stuff? Speaking out of  love for my dear, sweet (more like cheesy), favorite cheese in a squirt-outable can, I'll drop all other argumentative charges against all other Kraft Products, I don't care if Katharine Shilcutt who blogs for the "Leftovers" category at Houston Press Blogs  calls the stuff 'possibly a metric' and 'sodium-drenched' Give me my easy cheese! I know good and well it's not as healthy for me as a handful of sunflower seeds, or any sort of fruit or vegetable, I'm fully aware of it's nutritional qualities and take responsibility for choosing to eat it!"

The scene ends.

Enough of that though, back to the subject.

What I'm really trying to say is a good 80% of us junk food junkies are compeletlly awere of what we are eating, and no logo will change what we think of a product. You don't see Ronald McDonald saying "Hey kids! Guess what! We want to look more healthy, so we're switching the beloved Golden, grease resembling-colored-arches to CARROT STICKS and everything will be in primary colors! But sshhhh! We won't change the product!" Or for that matter Barney the dinosaur from our imagination, changing from purple to green, in order to help the environment.

It is in my opinion that the change from the classic logo was a terribly bad choice, the old logo fostered good memories, and more likely than not, it would make me personally want the product even more because of it's familiarity, bearing a logo of pride instead of one that's clearly trying to show it as something it's not, which drives me away from my mac-and-cheese desires, no one likes it when someone lies to them, or deceives them, least of all food. For many of us food is a last resort of comfort, a safe haven for those people ranging from a size 0 to 2X, old and young, male and female, short and tall. When something as important, to us that has been cherished tries to pass off for something it's not, is more repelling than compelling. The old logo was like a porch lamp turned on at night, we were like flies, many of us couldn't help but be drawn to it. For those of us who strive to keep a fit figure Kraft products were what we would crave and long for the most through fasts, crash diets, and tedious workout ruitens. Sure the cleaner image may attract a few people who are drawn in to believing it's healthy, but in the end where do your loyalties lie? With your over a decade long consumers, those who grew up on it, or new people who've avoided it for the "unhealthy reasons" up till now, and how many people do you think are dumb enough to buy it?

In closing, I'd like to put up a quote from another blogger, Marcus Harwell  who discussed the logo change in his blog titled "Logo Banality" which I full heartily agree upon "Do they sell flowers? Do they sell fireworks? I have no idea from the logo, but I know I can’t eat those. There was nothing wrong with the old logo, and they’ve trashed its simple power with this elaborate silliness. It just makes me think how apt the phrase “technicolor yawn” is."

Kraft, Do you really want to do this?

Your Concerned Mac-And-Cheese and Easy-Cheese Loving Fan,
Lois C.

Stay Tuned for Part II: What's Goin' On with Walmart anyway?